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IRS Tax Forms, Instructions and Publications

Did you know TurboTax software is designed to take away the burden of understanding tax laws and IRS tax forms? If you e-file through TurboTax you don’t have to see a single tax form if you don’t want to. All the forms you need to complete your tax return are provided for you.

When you’re doing your income taxes, you will require a number of forms and probably the most significant one is the W-2 form. TurboTax Online will find and import your W2, which allows you to file your taxes as soon as possible.

IRS Federal Tax Forms and InstructionsIRS 1040 Tax Forms


Employer & Employee Tax Forms


Inheritance – Estate – Gift Tax Forms


Extension – College Tuition – Misc. Tax Forms


You can find Federal tax forms at the website of the IRS, or you can use TurboTax to supply the correct tax forms for you.

You can be assured you are preparing and filing the correct tax form by using online tax software. You don’t have to wonder if you should use the 1040 tax form, or the 1040EZ. Filing your tax return can be a nerve wrecking feeling, but it doesn’t have to be if you let the tax software guide you through the tax filing process.