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State Income Tax by State 2014, 2015

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State and local income taxes are imposed in addition to Federal income tax. The laws and rules of state tax vary widely. States impose a tax on individuals and on the income of corporations.

I suggest you use tax software such as TurboTax Online. TurboTax will transfer your data from your federal income tax return into your state tax return.

Locate Your State to Find Your Forms and Information:

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Federal Tax Return Information Imported Into State Tax Return

By using TurboTax Online to file your state income tax return you don’t have to install or download software. You start by filing your federal income tax return first, and that information will be imported into your state tax return which saves a lot of time. Each state has it’s own set of laws and rules when it comes to state tax.

Income Tax Questions for Each State

Tax software will have the latest up to date laws for each individual state. Six states don’t even collect personal state income tax. What about the District of Columbia? What if I worked in more than one state?

TurboTax Online offers three valuable resources;

  • TurboTax Live Community
  • TurboTax Program Help 
  • Llinks to Department of Revenue Websites for finding your tax answers

Please visit your state website for income tax information.