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Single Tax Filing Status

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Single tax filing status is appropriate for people who are not married, legally separated or divorced at the end of the previous year. A single person with one or more dependents or qualifying people should check to see if they fulfill the requirements to file as head of household.

This filing status usually brings more benefits and greater deductions than simply filing as single.

Who is considered unmarried?

State laws concerning marriage are most often are followed by the IRS when determining filing status for federal taxes. In order to file as single you must be either unmarried, legally separated, or divorced completely from your spouse.

While some states have legal civil unions or domestic partnerships, the IRS considers these people single for the purpose of tax filing. The federal government now also acknowledges states with gay marriage laws since the Defense of Marriage act was found to be unconstitutional.

For purpose of income tax, anyone in a civil union is not considered married, while people in same-sex marriages legal in their home state are considered married.

People in these types of relationships will need to separate their assets and property if they live in a community property state. You can research online to figure out if your state is one. This means that there is no such thing as joint income or property that can be filed by both.

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