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Would you like to file your taxes the easy way? You can get it done if you file your tax return online with TurboTax. You are assured an easy, accurate and hassle free tax return.

TurboTax online software allows you to easily prepare and file your taxes online. It offers advanced tools to help you pay the least amount of tax possible. It also provides extremely accurate Federal and State tax returns.

TurboTax online tax filingYou do not have to be knowledgeable about the current tax laws or the forever changing tax rates, rules, and regulations. Breathe easy and sit down for a quick and easy way to prepare and file your income tax return.

  • 100% accurate calculations and your maximum refund, guaranteed.
  • Helps you file 1040, 1040a, 1040EZ and other needed forms
  • Asks questions in plain English and puts your answers on the right forms
  • Searches over 350 tax credits and deductions automatically

The online program does all of the math calculations for you. As you enter your financial data, the program will calculate your refund or what you owe in taxes. The program is much more affordable than taking your returns to a tax expert. It also points out helpful hints so that you can maximize your deductions.

So how do you do it?

Well this is the easy bit. You go to the TurboTax website first of all then create an account with them. To do this though you do need a valid email account so it can verify your account. You will then need to input some information regarding your personal circumstances, total income for the last tax year, financial data and family status.

Once you have completed this, TurboTax will take you through to the next screen so you can select and print and file for your tax return. TurboTax then gives you the option to submit your federal tax return by e-file which you then receive a confirmation email once this is complete.

It really is an easy process and is designed with ease of use in mind, however don’t think it is just for people who are need to file a simple 1040, many large corporation use this software all the time and is industry recognized.

What are the alternatives?

There are other tax filing online services available in the marketplace, but none that really encompass the whole spectrum of tax at such an affordable price as TurboTax.

It has such a good support and community behind the software that it is very hard to go wrong with it. The thing with filing tax and tax rebates it can be a complex subject beyond many businesses and individuals expertise. TurboTax takes away all the complexity of this for you and arranges it for you in an easy to understand, jargon free environment.

The only viable alternative for many is the use of an accountant or tax specialist. Whilst these of course have their advantages they also cost a lot in terms of annual outgoings for a business or the plumber who is self-employed.

Consumers are becoming more aware on on how they can save money and tax is one of the biggest aspects of this. The real irony is that many tax specialists and accountants actually use this software anyway, so why would you use them?